Project Management

Projects in Simply Fortran are normally a collection of Fortran source files and, optionally, additional libraries and dependent projects that are compiled and linked into a single executable or library. Most projects are manipulated via the Project Outlien Panel within Simply Fortran. Projects are loaded and saved to special .prj files which contain all this information.

Creating New Projects

New projects can be created by selecting New Project from the Project menu. This option is also available via the pop-up menu in the Project Outline Panel.

Adding and Removing Files

Source files, object files, and compiled libraries are added and removed to a project via the Project Outline Panel. The panel supports adding user-defined folders for organization that do not necessarily have to correspond to file system folders. Please consult the Project Outline Panel page for further information.

Project Options

The type of project, the name of the final build target, and the build directories can be configured via the Project Options window. Simply Fortran supports the creation of executables, static libraries, and shared libraries. The resulting output of the build process can be arbitrarily renamed by the user.

Saving and Loading

Projects can be saved via the Save Project and Save Project As… entries in the Project menu or within the pop-up menu in the Project Panel . Simply Fortran project files are recommended to be located in the top-most directory of a project tree. The locations of all files within a project are stored relative to the location of the project file. All project options are also stored.

Loading projects can be achieved using the Open Project… option in the Project menu or the equivalent in the Project Panel’s popup menu.

Building Projects

The Simply Fortran build process involves separate steps that can be automatically performed using the Build Project entry in the Build menu or the corresponding toolbar button.

Projects cannot be built until saved at least once.

Searching Projects

Entire projects can be searched for either text occurrences, Fortran modules , or element definitions. Text occurrences searching is powerful when looking for a particular snippet or arbitrary text anywhere in a project. The module search allows for locating specific Fortran modules within a project, making the search for Fortran code greatly improved for well-organized projects. Searching for elements, or procedures, classes, or type definitions, locates specific subprograms or derived types within a project directly.

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