Projects that result in executable files can be launched from within the Simply Fortran environment. After saving and building an appropriate project, the resulting executable can be launched via the Launch! entry in the Build menu or, alternatively, from the Build submenu of the project pane’s popup menu.

Launched programs will appear in a separate console window. Depending on the launch options , the console may or may not remain open after execution has completed.

Launch Toolbar Button

Like many Simply Fortran functions, launching can be performed using a convenient button on the toolbar, appearing as: . The button also provides some additional functionality.

When your project is run using either the debugger or the internal console, the button will change to a red square: . Clicking the red square button will terminate your current project or end your debugging session, depending on how the program was launched.

One can click the small arrow next to the run button to open a menu containing additional options:

The first option, pictured as Run in External Console, provides a way to launch the program using the opposite method from the default. In this example, the project has been configured to use Simply Fortran’s internal console, and the menu offers to launch the program in an external console rather than having to change the Launch Option just to use the external console once.

The second option will open the internal console, which can be useful if the user has closed the console tab while the project’s executable is running.

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