Project Export Options

Simply Fortran offers options for exporting project build instructions and pre-packaged, organized project archives. The Export submenu in the Project menu lists these available features, explained separately below.

Export GNU Makefile

Normally Simply Fortran generates makefiles appropriate for use with its included make utility. However, some developers may prefer to generate a makefile containing the correct syntax for the common GNU Make utility. This menu option will open a file dialog requesting a file to save. Once selected, a makefile compatible with the GNU Make utility will be generate with all appropriate dependency information.

The file generated by this export procedure cannot be used with Simply Fortran’s make utility. It is meant to be used with external tools. Additionally, the exported makefile may be non-functional if any source files or directories contain spaces in their names.

Export CMake Instructions

Simply Fortran can generate a simplistic set of instructions for use with CMake, a build tool that works on multiple platforms. The export operation will create a file CMakeLists.txt in the project’s root directory. If this file already exists, an alternative file can be selected. The resulting instructions will rely on CMake’s included Fortran dependency calculations rather than Simply Fortran’s dependency calculations.

Export Zip File

Selecting this option allows the export of the entire project, including source files, as a single Zip archive. The resulting archive will contain all files listed in the Project Outline and the project file itself. The archive will not contain the makefile or the project’s target. This option is useful for sharing projects with others or manually backing up projects in a given state.

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