Movement and Bookmarks

Movement within an editor tab in Simply Fortran is simple and intuitive. As one may expect, the arrow keys are used to move within text. Additional key bindings are shown in the table below:

Key Action
Left, Right Move one character left or right respectively
Up, Down Move one line up or down
Control+Left, Control+Right Move one word left or right respectively
Control+Up, Control+Down Scroll the window up or down one line respectively without moving the cursor
Page Up, Page Down Move one page up or down respectively
Home Proceed to the beginning of a line, starting at the first non-whitespace character. Pressing Home a second time advances the cursor to the true line beginning
End Advances the cursor to the end of the current line
Control+Home, Control+End Advances to the beginning or end of the current text

All movement keys may be combined with the Shift key to perform selection.

Advancing to a Specific Line

The user can also advance to a known line in the current tab either by selecting the Goto Line… entry in the Edit menu or by using the Control+L hotkey combination. These two options will open a dialog requesting the line number to which the cursor will be moved. The desired line can then be entered, causing the editor to advance the cursor to the specified position.


Simply Fortran’s editor supports inserting “bookmarks” in each file for quick navigation to/from different user-specified locations. By selecting “Toggle Bookmark” in the Bookmarks submenu in either the Edit menu or the editor’s context menu, a small blue mark will appear in the margin on the current line. The hotkey Control+; will also toggle a bookmark on the current line. This mark can be removed by either selecting “Toggle Bookmark” again or clearing all bookmarks.

To navigate between bookmarks, users can use the “Next Bookmark” and “Previous Bookmark” menu entries in the Bookmarks submenu in either the Edit menu or the editor’s context menu. Often times, the hotkeys Control+, and Control+. are faster for navigating forward and backwards through a tab’s bookmarks respectively.

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