Building in Simply Fortran

Projects can be compiled and launched from within Simply Fortran. The build process relies on wmake, a powerful build automation system for compiling and managing Fortran dependencies. The Simply Fortran IDE computes Fortran 90 module dependencies automatically before constructing makefiles and building any projects.

Four distinct build-related functions are provided from within Simply Fortran:

  1. Generate Makefile
  2. Build
  3. Launch
  4. Clean

Each step is accessible via either the Build menu or the Build submenu in the project pane popup menu.

Build Status Tab

Any of the build steps described will open a Build Status tab within Simply Fortran. The output of all build steps are output to this tab as well as being logged to the project’s home directory (the directory where the project file resides).

Project Dependencies

Simply Fortran automatically manages internal project dependencies when working with Fortran source code. Specifically, build order as required by module usage is automatically determined when the makefile is generated. Additional information can be found in the makefile help documentation.

Executing the Current File

Simply Fortran allows an additional building option to compile and run the code within an editor tab without having to use the project paradigm for simple Fortran source files. This option appears as Compile and Run Current File under the Build menu. If the user requires multiple Fortran files to be compiled together, however, a project must be employed.