Project Problems Panel

Simply Fortran provides a Project Problems panel for determining current errors and warnings within the project. The Problems panel, opened by will display a tree containing the names of project files currently causing warnings and errors when compiled:

Project Issues panel

Double-clicking on any issue in the panel will open the appropriate file and navigate to the issue automatically. When a file is being actively edited, the panel will begin updating only after a file being modified has been saved. Additionally, users should note that changes to files will not be reflected immediately in this panel. Because the Project Problems panel relies on the Fortran compiler itself, some time is required to process changes and update the project issues. The time required for changes to be reflected is dependent on the complexity of the file that has been updated.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to update the entire panel. For example if an issue in one file is resolved that had previously been causing other files to fail to compile, the panel may not update the dependent files. A refresh button is provided to update all files within the panel when necessary.

Disabling Syntax Checking

For large projects, tracking current project issues can be costly in computational resources. To alleviate this load, project issues can be disabled by disabling “Syntax Checking” in the Editor Options dialog.

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