To build a saved project from Simply Fortran, the Build Now! entry in the Build menu can be used to initiate the compilation process. Alternatively, the build process can be started via the equivalent entry in the Build submenu in the project pane’s popup menu.

Building will compile all source files within a project and link the compilation results into an executable, shared library, or static library; the resultant file type is specified via the Project Options dialog. Executing the build will regenerate the project’s makefile and execute wmake accordingly. The output of the build process and any resultant errors will appear in the Build Status tab .

The options related to compiling, including flags passed into the compiler, can be modified in the Compiler Options dialog.

Compile and Run Current File

Simply Fortran also provides the option to compile and run the current editor tab’s Fortran source. This feature will attempt to compile the contents of the current editor tab, and only that tab, into an executable and run the resulting executable. When working with single-file Fortran programs, this option often provides a quicker workflow in comparison to creating a new project for each single-file Fortran program a user might have.

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