Watch Expressions

The debugging panel offers a Watch mode for examining and managing watch expressions. Watch expressions are valid expressions in the source file’s language that can be evaluated to a value. They can be useful for examining single array elements, conditional arguments, and global variables, among other uses. An example of th debugging panel in Watch mode is shown below:

Existing watch expressions behave much like variables displayed in Variable mode.

Adding Watch Expressions

Watch expressions can be added in two basic ways. To manually enter an arbitrary expression, select Add Watch Expression… from either the Debug menu or by right-clicking in the debugger panel while in Watch mode.

Alternatively, the user can also select text within any editor and right-click to open the editor context menu. From the Debugging submenu, select Add Watch to add the selected text to the watch expressions.

Removing Watch Expressions

Any watch expression can be removed from the debugging panel. To remove one or all watch expressions, right-click in the debugging panel and select either Remove Watch Expression or Clear All respectively.

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