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Simply Fortran

A modern Fortran development environment for Microsoft Windows

Package includes the GNU Fortran compiler, a graphical interface library, and an integrated debugger for fast and easy installation

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The development environment has been designed with Fortran productivity as the primary goal, not an afterthought like other editors


Certified for Windows 10 Comaptible with Windows 8 Comaptible with Windows 7

Simply Fortran is tested on Windows XP through Windows 10, and everything runs perfectly on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems


Unleash the power of Simply Fortran with easily installable libraries and add-ons via the Simply Fortran Package Manager

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Nov. 23, 2015 - New Build of Version 2.25 Available

Approximatrix has released a new build of Simply Fortran version 2.25 that addresses a number of user-reported bugs. Specifically, intermittent crashes due to operation of the syntax checking engine and indexing engine should now be eliminated. more...

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