Stepping in the Debugger

When the executable is paused during debugging, the user can step through the program line-by-line to examine the effects of each line of code. There are three stepping methods available from the Debug menu:

  • Step Over
  • Step In
  • Step Out

Step Over refers to executing the current line of code while remaining within the current scope. If the current line contains a function, for example, Step Over will execute the function and advance to the next line after the function has completed.

Step In acts similarly to Step Over. However, if a line contains a recognized subprogram, the debugger will follow execution into this subprogram, changing the debugger scope appropriately.

Step Out performs the opposite action of Step In. While in a subroutine or function, clicking Step Out will advance to the calling scope, another subprogram or the program unit itself. This option will allow the current function or subroutine to complete execution and return to the calling point of said function or subroutine.

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