Fortran Autocomplete

Available on: Windows macOS GNU/Linux

For faster development and improved productivity, Simply Fortran provides intelligent autocomplete when editing Fortran source code. Whenever you start typing code, Simply Fortran rapidly searches for matching variables, subroutines, and functions visible from within the current module, subroutine, function, or program, and it provides these possible matches as a simple list. Simply Fortran won't just list any and all possibilities; it attempts to present the user with names that are known to be accessible at the current position.

Context Sensitivity

When a user types USE, Simple Fortran knows to suggest known module names. If a module use statement is followed by ONLY:, members of the module are provide. Our context-sensitive autocomplete is smart enough to provide subroutine names when preceded by CALL, common block names when preceded by COMMON, and appropriate derived type members when preceded by a percent symbol.

Quick Closing Statements

Typing END in Fortran to close off a do-loop, an if-then-statement, or even a procedure will pop up the appropriate autocomplete list. Furthermore, when ending a program, subroutine, function, or module, the autocomplete system will suggest the name of the current element to help developers efficiently conform to accepted Fortran programming standards. Approximatrix strives to maintain and extend these small efficiencies for the benefit of our users.