Available on: Windows

AppGraphics is a simple and powerful library for creating graphics and graphical user interfaces from either Fortran or C. Based on user needs, windows displaying anything from static graphics to complex, dynamic displays can be created. The library supports most graphics primitives, text output, menus, and window elements. All current versions of Simply Fortran include AppGraphics and an included manual to assist users in creating modern graphical applications with ease. All functionality is available in Fortran, and our Fortran interface is designed specifically to be Fortran-friendly, accepting Fortran strings and arrays without any modifications.

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Drawing Primitives

AppGraphics supports a variety of drawing primitives for creating custom graphics. Arcs, arbitrary polygons, ellipses, relative drawing procedures, and a wide variety of fill patterns are supported. Drawing is fast and efficient too; Simply Fortran includes a version of Conway's Game of Life demonstrating the speed of AppGraphics with dynamically updated graphics.

Menus and Controls

Adding menus, buttons, text boxes, and selectable lists is easy with AppGraphics. Complex and professional-quality menus can be configured easily with a series of function calls. Menu items and buttons can be added with callbacks, or subroutines that are to be executed whenever they are clicked. Adding textboxes and lists is straightforward, as is interacting with both.

Common Dialogs

Whether or not you're creating AppGraphics windows, you can always open a common Windows dialog with AppGraphics. Provided in the package are file selection dialogs, popup message boxes, and simple selection and input boxes. The list selection and inquiry boxes can be used to quickly ask a user a Yes/No question, input text, or make a selection from a list.


The AppGraphics license allows our users to distribute any programs they create with AppGraphics without any additional licensing fees or royalties. If you're creating a program that you wish to sell, distribute, or use in a commercial environment, we encourage you to do so without any additional payments or restrictions.

Because every copy of Simply Fortran comes with AppGraphics, all our users are free to develop graphical programs and graphical user interfaces without any additional fees or registrations!