Download Simply Fortran for GNU/Linux

Simply Fortran is packaged for the following systems:

Simply Fortran packages may require additional packages provided by your distribution, and they should install automatically when the package is installed via your preferred package manager.

*Simply Fortran installed as a snap does not support debugging due to confinement restrictions.

RPM packages are signed by Approximatrix Support using this GPG key.

Archived distributions (.tar.gz files) contain a single executable for running Simply Fortran packaged using AppImage technology. These executables were built using Debian GNU/Linux 8 as a basis; they may not run on systems using GNU compilers older than version 4.9 (notably, Red Hat 7, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 14.04, Slackware 14.1). They are designed for use on newer, rolling-release GNU/Linux distributions such as Arch and Antegros.

Please note that any trademarked names and/or images refering to a platform above are used for informational purposes only. Their presence does not constitute an endorsement of Simply Fortran by their corresponding organizations.

Older Versions

Older releases of Simply Fortran are available here.