Legacy Support

Available on: Windows macOS GNU/Linux

Because Simply Fortran is first and foremost a Fortran development environment, fixed-format Fortran (and Fortran 77 code) is well-supported by our editor. While other editors might provide syntax highlighting and column guides for fixed-format Fortran, our editor understands the specific constraints of fixed-format code. The Tab key will always initially advance directly to column 7, as one would expect. Block indenting and dedenting understands that line number labels, comment indicators, and line continuation categories must remain in proper column positions, moving the appropriate code and commented text only.

Our editor also detects the use of tabs in legacy Fortran code. While some older compilers were cavalier about using a leading tab to move code to the seventh column, our editor will detect and correct this non-standard behavior upon loading a file. This feature ensures improved portability of legacy code moving forward.