Simply Fortran 3.35 Is Released!

Posted on June 13, 2024

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran 3.35 for all supported platforms. The latest version includes an updated Fortran compiler on macOS and Windows, cosmetic improvements, and numerous bug fixes.

The included GNU Fortran compiler on Windows and macOS has been upgraded to version 14.1.0. Our Windows build includes, as usual, a native OpenMP implementation, a faster math library, and the native Approximatrix Windows Coarray library. The macOS release now utilizes Apple's Accelerate framework on modern systems when linking to LAPACK and BLAS is requested to best utilize the underlying hardware.

The quick search bar in the development environment now includes actions that can be searched for and executed from the search box in the toolbar on all platforms. For example, searching for the word "Open" will suggest "Open File," which will present the file selection dialog if selected from the search results.

On the Windows platform, the user interface will now use rounded controls by default on Windows 11 to better match system theming. Deactivated buttons are now drawn as greyed out in the development environment. The resilient launch process, enabled by default on Windows, now checks for intermittent "access denied" or "busy" errors reported by the operating system that may be theoretically caused by Windows Defender. When encountered, Simply Fortran will wait for a short period and reattempt launching the compiled executable rather than immediately producing an error.

On Linux and macOS, the development environment has received some additional cosmetic improvements. Certain controls in the project management panels and GTK+ header bar will now draw as grouped controls. Unnecessary borders have been corrected in a number of locations in the user interface. Possible GTK+ errors caused by rejecting the license have been fixed. The Escape key should properly close search bars on both platforms. Call tips on both platforms should match the development environment theme, and the tips are now presented as GtkPopover controls, which may fix some issues reported on macOS in full screen mode.

Numerous bug fixes were added for all platforms to the development environment. Errors caused by incorrectly requesting updates to the code editor, which might result in a failure to color the code in the tab, have been fixed. Crashes that could occur when editing Python or Assembly code have been fixed. Debugger shutdown procedures have been updated on Linux and Intel macOS to avoid unnecessary process termination calls that could lead to zombie background debugger processes. On Windows, the debugger is now closed on a timer rather than a separate thread; the previous method could cause crashes in specific circumstances. A Fortran parsing issue that would cause failures determining a Fortran source file's structure has been fixed.

The latest version is available from our Download page for all supported architectures.

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