New Builds Available on Windows and GNU/Linux

Posted on April 21, 2021

New installers and archives are now available for Windows and GNU/Linux that address outstanding issues with Simply Fortran version 3.18. These builds do not add new features but address critical issues with Simply Fortran on these platforms.

The new Windows builds incorporate fixes to the runtime and coarray libraries. Specifically, a long-standing issue with quad-precision intrinsic procedures, causing certain programs to crash due to bugs resetting floating point parameters within the CPU. The Windows Coarray Library should no longer emit an error at program conclusion caused by spurious communication database accesses once the user program has completed, a bug introduced with the recent addition of collective procedures. The coarray library changes should also ensure the termination of all images upon program completion.

A critical bug causing the development environment to crash on GNU/Linux systems when build operations are attempted when another operation is in progress has been eliminated. An unfortunate error check within the GTK+ toolkit regarding progress bars was causing the entire development environment to suddenly close due to possible restarting of a bouncing, indeterminate progress bar. This issue has been mitigated on all GNU/Linux systems.

The latest builds are available on the Download page.

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