Simply Fortran 3.17 Released

Posted on Feb. 4, 2021

Approximatrix is happy to announce the availability of Simply Fortran version 3.17 for all supported platforms. The latest release brings additional bug fixes and improved theming on all platforms. The Start panel will now use a dark theme if a dark color theme is selected on all platforms. The title bar on Windows will now also follow the selected theme shade, eliminating the bright white title bar when the default dark theme is selected. Horizontal scroll bars should no longer appear on editors unless necessary.

The GNU/Linux release should generate far fewer warnings when run caused by GTK+ incompatibilities. Additional care with packaging has eliminated almost all warnings related to GTK+ module loading and schema incompatibilities.

The OpenCoarrays and MPI libraries included in the macOS distribution have been updated and received additional bug fixes. Compiler wrapping scripts to automatically include MPI and/or OpenCoarray libraries should now work once again. The Development Terminal included in the Toolbox menu should now properly work on macOS 11; additional compiler flags should no longer be necessary to execute our included Fortran and C compilers. Additional changes were made to the Fortran compiler to better support macOS 11.

The latest version is available for all platforms on the Download page.

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