Version 3.16 Now Available

Posted on Dec. 22, 2020

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran version 3.16 for all supported platforms. The latest releases adds minor features to the development environment, addresses stability issues, and provides minor compiler fixes.

The development environment has received a number of improvements. Floating point exceptions to be trapped by the compiled Fortran code can now be explicitly set via the Project Options window under the Fortran tab. By default, the development environment will perform a full "Clean" operation whenever project options are changed. Furthermore, the development environment will now mark projects as modified appropriately if any project options have changed.

Files that are opened in an editor tab should now appear in bold in the Project Outline panel. Additionally, when the Project Outline panel is in "All Files" mode, the open files can be optionally listed first rather than just alphabetically.

The File Outline panel was fixed on GNU/Linux and macOS to correct placement of items when in "Line Number" sorting mode to show items in proper sequence when new items are added to a file.

The "Rename..." refactoring operation received a significant overhaul in this release. Possible crashes when performing this operation under GNU/Linux and macOS have been eliminated. Elements, including modules, procedures, and variables, can now be selected and renamed by right-clicking and selecting "Rename..." at any appearance in the code (previously, this operation was limited to the declaration line of a given element). Issues related to these operations in unmodified tabs have been fixed.

Autocomplete popups and variable declaration tips now properly work for implicit variables. If implicit variables are allowed in a given program, module, or procedure, highlighting a variable will properly display the fact that it is indeed an implicit declaration. Additionally, implicit variables can now be renamed using the previously described "Rename..." refactoring operation.

Crashes in macOS and GNU/Linux related to the build process have been eliminated in the development environment. The problem, related to dynamic memory allocation for each line of compiler output, was corrected by eliminating dangerous handling of compiler output strings within the development environment. Styling issues of error messages on macOS were also a possible crash location, and the issue has been corrected.

The compiler on macOS has been patched to eliminate linker warnings on Big Sur (macOS version 11.0) reporting that object files were built for a nonexistant version of macOS. The compiler should no longer emit spurious warnings on Big Sur on Intel processors.

The latest release is available now from the Download page for all supported platforms.

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