Simply Fortran 3.15 Released

Posted on Sept. 23, 2020

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran version 3.15 for Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux. The latest version incorporates numerous bug fixes and stability improvements in the development environment and support libraries.

The development environment's debugger interface internals have been partially reworked; intermittent crashes associated with managing breakpoints and watches should be eliminated. Some issues related to debugging on macOS Catalina, specifically errors detecting the binary file's versioning and possible failures to start the debugger due to code signing verification, should be mitigated.

File saving improvements have been improved in the development environment. A user-reported issue involving blank editor tabs when removing excess white space during file saves has been corrected. Editor tab language modes will now change if a file is saved as a known file type. When the Project Panel is in "All Files" mode, filename changes as a result of a "Save As" action should be reflected immediately.

The AppGraphics library's scroll bar event handling has been corrected. The scroll callback was being erroneously called when Windows issued a scroll notification with the "end scrolling" request type. This correction should avoid duplicate calls to the callback.

The Windows Coarray library received a bug fix related to scalar assignment. The library could be stuck in an infinite loop in two circumstances: internal data cleanup operations and assignment of a scalar value in a different image. The library no longer enters an infinite loop using the test programs.

The latest release is available now from the Download page for all supported platforms.

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