Simply Fortran 3.13 Released

Posted on June 30, 2020

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran 3.13 for Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux. This latest release includes an updated compiler on Windows and macOS, improvements to background processes and temporary file handling, and an assortment of bug fixes on all platforms.

Simply Fortran on Windows and macOS now ships with GNU Fortran 10.1.0. The new compiler features updated OpenMP support, the usual improvements to optimizations for modern processors, and incremental improvements to the Fortran language. Additionally, our Windows distribution continues to natively support OpenMP, asynchronous input/output, and CoArrays without any additional dynamic library dependencies.

The development environment received numerous bug fixes and improvements with this release. Background processing of Fortran code and version control status should now properly handle unexpected errors cleanly without causing dependency calculations to block building projects. An intermittent deadlock occurring on GNU/Linux platforms associated with version control status checks should finally be eliminated. The button Restore Defaults in the Compiler and Support Programs window now works properly on GNU/Linux and macOS. File extensions are now properly added when Save As is used on Windows. Importing existing folders as a new project will no longer erroneously request a filename when the project is saved. Whole project outlines are now displayed properly on Windows; this feature had broken in an attempt to avoid intermittent crashes due to window visibility. The development environment was updated to track temporary files and directories created during a session for deletion when the program closes. This feature should reduce the number of files and directories left behind the user's temporary directory.

The included Aplot plotting library was updated for GNU/Linux to incorporate fixes to axis spacing that had already been included in macOS and Windows distributions.

The AppGraphics library received minor feature improvements and fixes. Text boxes should now provide horizontal scrolling as one would expect. Scroll bars will now default to moving 10% when clicked to simulate a page up/down operation. Text boxes now feature the ability to assign a callback to catch a user hitting the Enter key.

The latest version is available now on our Download page. If you find Simply Fortran useful, please consider purchasing a license.

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