Bug Fixes for Version 2.37

Posted on June 6, 2017

New builds of Simply Fortran 2.37 are now available on our [Download page] that fix a number of issues in the original release. Since the release, a crash caused by use of non-default search directories for included files and libraries has been corrected on all platforms. Additionally, the new project window has been updated such that automatic changes to the project directory no longer move outside the default directory. The automatic detection of undefined LAPACK and BLAS routines should be greatly improved. Broken projects resulting from using the "Build and Run Current File" feature in the Build menu have been resolved. Both GNU/Linux and macOS versions now include the "Smart Indent" feature in the Edit menu present on Windows releases of Simply Fortran. Possible crashes on GNU/Linux and macOS resulting from mistakenly dragging the project's root folder in the Project Outline panel should no longer occur.

On GNU/Linux, a dependency on the Aplot module has been fixed such that new versions of Aplot should force rebuilds of Fortran source files that reference it.

Major improvements to the macOS graphical user interface have been added. Most notably, issues with popup menus throughout the development environment that have plagued it since release should now be eliminated entirely. These changes to popup menus should positively effect the GNU/Linux version as well. The underlying GTK+ libraries on macOS have been updated to version 3.22.

The latest bug fixes are available in builds 2449 and higher, now posted on the Download page. Approximatrix always seeks to produce high quality software, and bug reports are always appreciated.

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