Simply Fortran 2.36 Released!

Posted on April 6, 2017

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran 2.36 for all supported platforms. The latest release brings significant new features and fixes minor outstanding issues with the development environment.

The most notable addition to Simply Fortran 2.36 is the Aplot plotting library, now included on all platforms. This library allows user programs to display 2D plots directly from within Fortran code in a simple, straightforward manner. The library works seamlessly on Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux without any changes to the code. Additionally, the development environment itself detects the use of Aplot calls, and it configures the necessary compiler flags automatically. The included documentation contains the reference and tutorial for this new library, and Approximatrix will post examples and tutorials in the coming days.

The development environment's autocompletion system now includes Fortran intrinsic modules and procedures. Starting to enter text within the editor will open the autocompletion popup if any intrinsic procedure or user-authored procedure matches the text thus far given the current context within source code. The new feature can be controlled from the Editor Options window under the "Language Features" tab.

On Windows, the AppGraphics library now contains a new function, enablewindow, that may be used to enable modal-like window behavior. this user-requested feature can be implemented in such a way that background windows can be set to inactive, effectively keeping the window in the background. This solution allows greater control over the behavior of windows created from AppGraphics programs.

Multiple bug fixes have been incorporated in this new release. On GNU/Linux and macOS, minor issues with the Compiler Options window have been fixed. Also on GNU/Linux and macOS, major problems related to which editor panel has keyboard focus are corrected. When split panels are used, cut, copy, and paste will now be applied to the focused editor properly. Problems related to dynamic Fortran runtime libraries on macOS from the included "Development Terminal" in the Toolbox menu have been alleviated.

The latest version is available now on the Download page for all platforms. Users are encouraged to purchase a Simply Fortran license after evaluating our Fortran development environment for free for thirty days.

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