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Bug Fixes Available for 2.29 on GNU/Linux

Posted on July 12, 2016

New builds are now available for GNU/Linux platforms that fix a number of issues reported by users. The AppImage executables contain a bug fix that should allow them to operate on systems with incompatible GTK+ distributions. Profiling was previously not working properly with default compiler settings. In build 2226, profiling should now work properly on all systems. Build 2226 has removed all dependence on WebKit packages to simplify creation and shrink the size of AppImage distributions. Elimination of WebKit should also fix reported problems with conflicting WebKit packages on some Debian-based distributions. A major memory corruption when using the Quick Search bar on GNU/Linux has been fixed. All users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest build on GNU/Linux platforms.

Approximatrix welcomes bug reports and feature requests from all our users. We strive to provide the best possible experience for Fortran developers on both GNU/Linux and Windows platforms.

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