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Simply Fortran 2.29 Available

Posted on June 30, 2016

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran version 2.29 for both Windows and GNU/Linux systems. This release adds some additional features to the integrated development environment, including may requested by users.

The development environment now features a more modern search functionality when searching in a particular editor tab. Specifically, when "Find" is selected from the Edit menu or via hotkey, a search bar will appear and allow the user to more efficiently search text without opening any additional windows. The Build Status tab now inserts separators between compiler warnings and errors, substantially improving readability of compiler diagnostics. The current version of the Fortran compiler is now displayed in the About window, accessible from the Help menu. Some minor internal changes transparent to the user should improve the development environment's reliability in general.

The GNU/Linux version received three additional fixes. When running on GNU/Linux, Simply Fortran no longer attempts to compile resource files for projects originating on Windows systems. Font selection should now properly work if a bold and/or italics font is selected for the editor. A minor bug affecting the toolbar's Launch button has been corrected.

The latest releases are available on the both the Windows Download page and GNU/Linux Download page. Users are encouraged to register their copy of Simply Fortran to ensure its ongoing development.

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