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Simply Fortran 2.27 Now Available

Posted on April 4, 2016

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran 2.27 for both Windows and GNU/Linux. The latest version adds new features on both platforms and addresses minor problems with the compiler suite and supporting libraries.

On both Windows and GNU/Linux, file indexing operations have been greatly optimized, and disk reads should now be minimized. This change should noticeably improve performance of the development environment on encrypted disks. The Registration/License Configuration window, regardless of license type, should now always accept a license key.

Specific to Windows, the Quick Search feature has been optimized behind the scenes, and the project/current tab search hotkeys are now preceded by a Control key. The resource compiler, windres, has been fixed to recognize complete Windows paths, and it now should function properly on all systems, specifically those where the Windows "short path" filesystem feature is not enabled. An AppGraphics bug related to a missing text entry dialog under Windows XP has been corrected. AppGraphics now supports changing the background color for radio buttons and check boxes properly.

On the GNU/Linux platform, Simply Fortran now features the Quick Search box that has long been present on the Windows version. The Options menu now includes an entry to request the use of a dark theme if available on the system. The "single instance" option is now fully implemented on GNU/Linux, allowing only one copy of Simply Fortran to be running at a time. Renaming files should now be properly reflected in tabs on GNU/Linux. Minor Debian packaging errors have been eliminated.

The latest releases are available on the Windows Download page and the GNU/Linux Download page. After trying out Simply Fortran for free for 30 days, users are encouraged to register Simply Fortran to ensure its ongoing development.

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