New Build for macOS 11 Compatibility

Posted on Nov. 24, 2020

A new build (3384) is now available for modern macOS machines on our Download page that fixes compatibility on the latest macOS release, commonly known as version 11, or Big Sur. In the latest macOS release, Apple has opted to move system libraries for linking to a software-development-kit-specific location that was causing our compiler to fail during the linking stage when building executables. Per Apple's documentation, Simply Fortran will now properly determine the location of system libraries for linking based on the installed software development kit, thereby allowing linking to work on Big Sur.

If you're experiencing issues with Simply Fortran on the macOS platform after upgrading, please install the latest version.

We have also received questions from users concerning our compatibility with Apple's new M1 CPU. Simply Fortran will not currently run on the M1 CPU except, perhaps, under Rosetta 2 translation. We are planning to bring native compatibility with the M1 CPU sometime in the first half of 2021, but there are numerous hurdles that need to be overcome first.

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