Version 3.12 Now Available

Posted on May 19, 2020

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran 3.12. The latest release introduces improvements to the development environment, fixes a number of outstanding issues, and brings enhancements to the included libraries.

Autocompletion in the development environment has been substantially improved with better detection of variable declaration lines, import statements, and user-defined types. Project text searches are now performed using multiple threads, which should provide results drastically faster, especially on macOS and GNU/Linux where result reporting created a bottleneck. The File Outline panel will now properly handle blank interfaces and report abstract interfaces. Background task lockups, common on GNU/Linux on Raspberry Pi systems with projects under Git version control, should be mitigated. A situation with large projects where CPU usage would spike and remain high on Windows systems has been corrected by partitioning the number of directories monitored for file changes at any given moment. A bug causing Simply Fortran to crash if the "Cancel" button was clicked during a background processing task was eliminated. Version control password requests should now appear properly on all GNU/Linux platforms. Missing documentation in macOS Catalina is now included.

The AppGraphics library on Windows received significant fixes. Specifically, a large Windows GDI object leak caused by internal font handling has been corrected. A bug related to moving or resizing text boxes was corrected. Allocation of drawing contexts should now properly account for dual-monitor configurations.

The Aplot library on all platforms should now better compute the spacing of the Y-axis and the left side of the window to avoid labels being cut off under certain circumstances.

The latest version is available now on the Download page. Interested users should consider purchasing a license, which will entitle them to all future releases in the 3.x release series.

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