Bug Fixes for Version 3.11

Posted on May 1, 2020

New builds of Simply Fortran 3.11 have been released that correct a handful of user-reported issues in the latest version. A development environment bug causing Simply Fortran to lock up when editing the first line of C or Python files has been fixed. The options dialogs in Windows now use a more reliable method for presenting categories of options, which may mitigate certain crashes. The password request dialog now works properly again under GNU/Linux, fixing issues with unresolved dependencies. Version control tasks under GNU/Linux are now limited by a timeout feature that should prevent lockups of Simply Fortran's background processing that can cause high CPU usage and block compiling projects. Background tasks on GNU/Linux and macOS will no longer be a possible point of crashing when successfully completed due to an unnecessary call to pthread_cancel. The Fortran interface for the Message Passing Interface library has been added to the default linked libraries when MPI is enabled on macOS. Detection of missing Apple Command-Line Tools on macOS has been improved. The included Aplot library should now perform better margin calculations when wide labels are present on any axis.

The latest build is available on the Download page. Users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest build and report any issues encountered while using this new build.

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