Simply Fortran 3.11 Released

Posted on April 7, 2020

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran version 3.11 for Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux. This release integrates an updated compiler, minor cosmetic improvements, and bug fixes within the integrated development environment. The Windows and macOS packages for Simply Fortran now include the GNU Fortran compiler version 9.3. This latest compiler includes numerous bug fixes to the Fortran front-end and runtime library.

The integrated development environment has been updated with cosmetic improvements and bug fixes. The status bar will now display progress and busy indicators when background work is taking place, notably builds, dependency calculations, and project-wide text searches. The application's initial size is now calculated based on screen size rather than hard-coded for new installations. Shell scripts, common on macOS and GNU/Linux, are now a recognized file format in Simply Fortran's editor tabs. A bug caused by attempts to update the file outline tree when it wasn't visible that could lead to application crashes and substantial performance degradation has been eliminated. Project-wide searches now restrict launching a new search until the current completes, eliminating a possible crash on all platforms.

The development environment on Windows received additional fixes related to usability. Movement of the splitter between the left panel and the editor tabs is now restricted to a maximum window percentage, eliminating the possibility of covering all editor tabs with the left panel. A bug related to dragging the splitter left of the development environment's window, leading to covering the entire window in the left panel has been corrected. File and folder dragging in the Project Outline now checks for a delay before initiating drag operations, fixing frustrating, unintentional file dragging in the Project Outline tree.

The Aplot plotting library has been improved on Windows to eliminate the possible closure of multiple plots when plots are requested in rapid succession. The AppGraphics library was updated with new functions to improve functionality. Notably, a new dialog was added to request a password, hiding text while entered. A new call to clear list boxes completely was added. Applications can now check if a window identifier in AppGraphics is still valid. A callback for window closing was added. Buttons are now drawn properly instead of all being marked as default.

The latest version of Simply Fortran is available on our Download page. Users are encouraged to purchase a license if they find Simply Fortran helps improve productivity when working with the Fortran language.

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