Version 3.10 Now Available

Posted on March 6, 2020

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran 3.10 for Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux. This release fixes numerous, long-standing issues with the development environment and runtime libraries.

The development environment received numerous fixes that should fix intermittent crashes on all platforms. Assumptions that an editor was still open when background processing Fortran source code have been eliminated. While unlikely to have caused crashes on Windows, these assumptions had directly caused drawing errors and crashes on macOS and GNU/Linux. A memory issue that caused a zero-data memory allocation and subsequent, improper freeing of memory in the development environment when handling syntax checks on macOS and GNU/Linux has been corrected. Crashes due to message boxes and file dialogs on macOS have been eliminated. Internal bugs related to path manipulation have been corrected. Handling of paths related to the make utility on macOS and GNU/Linux is now more sensible, eliminating issues mostly occurring on GNU/Linux systems.

The Windows Coarray Library has been updated to fix errors related to zero-data transfers between images caused by an inability to access the transfer database. The library will now retry operations if zero data is received because there are currently no conditions where an empty data transfer is an acceptable response within the library.

The Fortran runtime library on macOS will no longer report undefined variables during linking when using the execute_command_line intrinsic subroutine.

Included OpenBLAS libraries on macOS and Windows have been updated to the latest version. These new libraries also include optimizations for many common CPUs rather than a single, generic build. Users with modern CPUs should see a 4x to 10x speed improvement in many cases when using BLAS and LAPACK routines and linking with the included OpenBLAS libraries.

The latest version is available from our Download page.

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