Simply Fortran 3.9 Released

Posted on Feb. 19, 2020

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of version 3.9 of Simply Fortran for Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux. This release includes improvements to the development environment and important bug fixes on all platforms.

The development environment now uses a "Goto Line" bar rather than popup dialog, similar to Simply Fortran's text search bar. Global text and element searches can now be optionally switched between all known files or restricted to files within the current project. Adding files to a Simply Fortran project that exist outside the current project's directory tree will now ask the user if these files should be copied into the project directory, eliminating a source of confusion for new users.

Issues with the license acceptance dialog on macOS and Linux have been fixed. Under these two platforms, the folding margin color now corresponds to the theme; this coloring bug has been present since the initial release of the Linux version. Entitlements on macOS versions have been corrected to fix crashing on the latest macOS versions with stricter security settings. Application bundles on macOS should now properly warn users if the current operating system version is not sufficient.

The Approximatrix Windows Coarray library has been significantly updated to better support data transfer between images when using coarrays with derived types. Based on user feedback, derived type, allocated coarrays should now work correctly. We're continuing to look at improvements for performance reasons.

The AppGraphics library was updated to support sending and retrieving arbitrary text from the Windows clipboard. The functions sendtoclipboard and getfromclipboard are now available in both the C and Fortran interfaces.

The latest version is available for all platforms on our Download page. Users are encouraged to purchase Simply Fortran if they find this software package useful. Any bugs or issues can be reported via our Support email address or forums.

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