Version 3.4 Released!

Posted on July 9, 2019

Approximatrix is happy to announce the availability of Simply Fortran version 3.4 for all supported platforms. This new release incorporates numerous bug fix and adds notable features to the development environment. Specifically, projects now support two export options via the Project menu. The first allows the export of a functioning makefile for use with the common GNU Make utility. These makefiles include all dependency information normally managed by Simply Fortran, but allow the developer to use GNU Make from the command line if desired. The second allows the user to export the entire project as a Zip file. The constructed Zip file includes all files listed in the project along with the project file itself. This feature can be useful for transferring complete projects to other systems or users.

Outstanding issues with the development environment have been addressed in this release. A possible crash caused by internal path handling has been eliminated. Issues with files containing spaces under version control have been corrected. Moving files and folders in the Project Outline panel on macOS and GNU/Linux should work properly and persist. Context menus are now correctly accessible via Control-Click on macOS. The Registration window now insists upon using an email address to avoid confusion amongst users.

The latest version is available now on the Download page. If you find Simply Fortran useful, please consider purchasing a license. If you have any problems or concerns, our Support page has multiple options for assisting users.

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