Simply Fortran 2.40 Released!

Posted on Oct. 26, 2017

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran 2.40 for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and GNU/Linux platforms. This release includes major performance and stability improvements along with bug fixes for the development environment, runtime library, and included support packages.

The Windows version of the development environment received a major performance boost, bringing its background work operations up to the performance level of the macOS and GNU/Linux versions. This improvement should lead to drastically faster scanning and processing of Fortran files within the development environment, especially on large projects, and a more responsive debugging interface. Bugs in the handling of the current editor tab on Windows after closing Build Status and Console tabs should be corrected, eliminating the appearance of an unresponsive development environment.

The development environment received additional improvements on all platforms. Two sources of intermittent crashes caused by possible invalid memory accesses have been eliminated. These bugs are thought to have caused crashes reported by Windows users, and are most likely to manifest themselves with large projects on systems with multiple processor cores. Significant attention and testing went into correcting these intermittent crashes. Project folders with names containing slashes are now properly saved and loaded. Unnecessary Fortran module dependency checks that could be triggered by attempting to build relatively large projects have been eliminated. Locating files mentioned in INCLUDE statements is more reliable for dependency checking purposes. The status bar has been simplified, eliminating updates concerning background work being performed by the development environment unless necessary.

The GNU/Linux development environment now includes a simple help browser for viewing documentation rather than relying on the system's web browser.

Missing source file warnings emitted by the debugger on macOS and referring to components of the runtime library have been eliminated.

Two missing Fortran functions within the AppGraphics library on Windows are now present, mousex and mousey.

The OpenMP implementation on Windows should now be thread-safe. OpenMP functionality can now be used from within other threads that were created using native threading calls, including, for example, AppGraphics callbacks.

The latest version is available immediately on the Download page. Users are encouraged to purchase a copy of Simply Fortran to ensure its ongoing development.

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