Version 2.37 Released

Posted on May 12, 2017

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran 2.37 for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and GNU/Linux platforms. The latest release includes a number of user-requested feature additions and changes.

Notably, Simply Fortran now includes LAPACK and BLAS libraries on all systems. OpenBLAS and the reference LAPACK implementation are now included and easily linkable. The Project Options window has been updated with a simple "Link BLAS and LAPACK Libraries" option that will be saved along with users' projects. In addition, Simply Fortran will detect the presence of undefined LAPACK and BLAS calls, and the development environment will suggest linking with LAPACK and BLAS.

Simply Fortran for Windows and macOS now include GNU Fortran 7.1.0, bringing additional compiler features and improvements. Portions of the OpenMP 4.5 standard are now present, and additional derived-type features are now implemented. Additionally, some changes to the linker on Windows may eliminate "permission denied" errors when attempting to compile executables with certain virus scanners installed.

Constant indexing issues on macOS and GNU/Linux should now be resolved. An issue with improper timer termination cause indexing to occur constantly while editing a file. After this fix, Simply Fortran for macOS and GNU/Linux should behave similar to Windows.

The Aplot graphing library was updated to include support for logarthimic axes via the set_xlogarithmic and set_ylogarithmic subroutines, as requested by users. The "About" dialogs on Windows and GNU/Linux have been removed from plot windows. The plot title is now set as the window title on all platforms as well.

The latest installers are available immediately on the Download page. Users are encouraged to register Simply Fortran after trying out this software suite free for thirty days.

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