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Version 2.35 Now Available!

Posted on Feb. 24, 2017

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran 2.35 for all supported platforms. This new version introduces additional features and bug fixes for the integrated development environment. On all three supported platforms, selecting a new project now opens a new project configuration window, providing a substantially more obvious and user-friendly way to initially save projects. This feature should assist new users by making Simply Fortran more approachable.

On Windows, the AppGraphics library has been updated to support tabbing between Windows controls in Windows. This user-requested feature will allow developers to produce more professional windows using the AppGraphics library included with Simply Fortran for Windows. Launching executable projects from the integrated development environment should now be more reliable on systems running overly-aggressive virus scanning software. Failed program launches will now produce a warning if the system call to start an executable is intercepted and blocked.

On macOS and GNU/Linux, the integrated development environment "Console" tab now has a working scrollbar. Additionally, the scroll-back buffer of the "Console" tab is configurable in the Editor Options window under the "Display" tab.

The latest version is now available on the Download page. Users are encouraged to purchase a Simply Fortran license to ensure its ongoing development.

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