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Introducing Simply Fortran Version 2.32

Posted on Dec. 16, 2016

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran version 2.32, now including support for Apple macOS systems! In addition to bug fixes and feature improvements, we've added macOS as a supported platform, and we now provide an additional download option for Windows users.

The new macOS release brings the convenience of our Windows package to Apple users. Included in the distribution are the Simply Fortran integrated development environment, the GNU Fortran compiler, and the necessary support tools. Based on the GNU/Linux version, Simply Fortran for macOS provides a stable, complete development environment for all Fortran developers. Users who have purchased Simply Fortran for all platforms can contact Approximatrix to receive registration keys for Simply Fortran for macOS.

All platforms now feature a new menu option to allow compiling and running the Fortran file in the currently selected editor tab. This feature makes developement and maintenance of single-file Fortran programs simpler for users rather than forcing the use of separate projects for each Fortran file. Issues surrounding Fortran dependency calculations upon project load or after adding new files to a project are now corrected. Possible memory leaks related to loading settings have been fixed.

Simply Fortran for Windows received a number of bug fixes and a new distribution option. AppGraphics has been updated, fixing issues with selection dialogs being apparently limited in the number of options presented. Default locations of select Simply Fortran support tools were corrected to allow operation if installation settings are unavailable. The Windows version is now also available as a simple Zip archive that does not require installation. This distribution package offers Windows users an alternative if they wish to avoid explicitly installing Simply Fortran.

Simply Fortran for GNU/Linux also received a number of bug fixes and improvements. Possible crashes cause by closing a tab when only a single tab is open have been eliminated. The path to the ar tool in the Compiler Options dialog should now be properly displayed and updated. Periodic reopening of the Start panel when a project was not loaded and the user is using a network license should no longer occur. A minor warning related to the Debian packages has been fixed.

Packages for all plaforms are available now on the Download page. Users are encouraged to purchase a license to support the ongoing development of Simply Fortran.

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