Version 3.6 Released

Posted on Nov. 5, 2019

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of Simply Fortran 3.6 for all supported platforms. This release fixes numerous bugs in the development environment and introduces significant new features. Version 3.6 now includes GNU Fortran 9.2 on macOS and Windows platforms. The compiler includes a new, custom warning when standard input and output units are reassigned for file access, a common issue when working with legacy code.

Within the development environment, users can now right-click on references to numeric labels and employ "Goto Definition" to immediately navigate to that label in the code. This feature makes navigating to format statements or legacy loop closures simpler and quicker. The Start panel can now be reopened at any time from the View menu. Projects can now be pulled directly from a Git repository, and a new project will be created if an existing project does not yet exist in the pulled code.

A major bug on Windows versions relying on DLLs unavailable on certain older Windows releases has been corrected. Version 3.6 once again works fine on Windows XP through 10.

The latest version is available from our Download page, and users are encouraged to install this release.

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