Simply Fortran 3.3 Released

Posted on June 7, 2019

Approximatrix is happy to announce the availability of Simply Fortran version 3.3 for all supported platforms. This release incorporates minor feature updates, usability improvements, and numerous bug fixes for the development environment. The autocompletion system has been updated to provide alphabetically-sorted guesses in all circumstances, and possible crash points caused by autocompletion have been eliminated. Files changed on disk will now only present a single message to the user rather than generate multiple alert windows. Project extensions are now enforced when creating a new project in Simply Fortran. Intermittent failures to start the debugger on all platforms, especially GNU/Linux, due to querying an uninitialized variable have been fixed. Working directories should now be properly set in the debugging environment when different from the project directory. The version control status should now be updated whenever files on disk are changed automatically.

The development environment now checks this website for updated releases to notify users when a new version is available. When future releases are posted to our Download page, the development environment will provide a message and link in the bottom status bar.

On Windows, a major drawing issue caused by saving open tabs with a project has been corrected. The AppGraphics documentation has been updated in regards to file dialogs to stress the need to pass a valid, initialized string when requesting a file dialog.

On GNU/Linux, Simply Fortran will no longer crash if there is no Fortran compiler present and the About window is opened.

On macOS, the development environment is now using the hardened runtime for additional security. This change should be transparent to users.

On both GNU/Linux and macOS, the built-in password dialog used for version control interaction with remote repositories now accepts the "Enter" key properly rather than requiring the user to click the Ok button.

The latest release is available immediately on the Download page. If you find Simply Fortran useful, please consider purchasing a license. If you have any problems or concerns, our Support page has multiple options for assisting users.

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