Simply Fortran 3.1 Released

Posted on Jan. 24, 2019

Approximatrix is happy to announce the release of version 3.1 of Simply Fortran, introducing improvements and bug fixes to the development environment and included tools. The version control feature was updated with "Refresh" menu items to force Simply Fortran to update its user interface when the version control status of project files is out of sync with the file system. Project names are now updated everywhere in the user interface when changed in the Project Options window. Detection of duplicate files within a single project has been fixed to avoid per-project duplication. Additionally, it is no longer possible to add a project to itself. Issues with dependent projects have been corrected on all platforms. The Tutorial was updated to address instructions that were either outdated or specific to Windows.

The Windows development environment received numerous bug fixes. Git repositories requiring passwords to unlock keys should now properly allow passwords to be entered via the user interface. LAPACK and BLAS undefined procedure detection has been updated due to unreliability in earlier releases. The Project Outline popup menu can now be opened anywhere in the Project Outline rather than only on files or folders. Drawing issues related to the Debugger panel have been fixed. The compiler on Windows will no longer accept modules compiled with Simply Fortran version 2.41 or older due to incompatibilities. We are currently updating the SF Package Manager to address this change.

Simply Fortran's development environment on GNU/Linux and macOS now supports coarrays via Message Passing Interface. On macOS and, when detected as possible, GNU/Linux, the user can enable coarrays via the Project Options window under the Fortran tab. The resulting excutable will be launched using the Message Passing Interface, and the number of images is controllable from the Compiler and Support Options window. The necessary tools for using the Message Passing Interface are included with the macOS and Raspbian variants of Simply Fortran.

The macOS version of SImply Fortran now uses native message and file dialogs. This change should allow Simply Fortran to operate more reliably in full screen mode on this operating system. Detection of the presence of Git on macOS should no longer trigger macOS to download development tools.

The Snap distribution of Simply Fortran for GNU/Linux has been updated to use Ubuntu 18.04 as its core, introducing a substantially newer Fortran compiler and user interface toolkit. The default library and include directory options on GNU/Linux have been corrected so that included libraries (APlot and OpenBLAS) can be found properly when building.

The latest version is available now on the Download page. If you find Simply Fortran useful, please consider purchasing a license.

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